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What is ULethbridge ?

Started in 1967th on traditional Blackfoot land and the University of Lethbridge is one of Canada’s top-ranked university and leading research institutions educations. They are one of Alberta’s four comprehensive academic and research universities and staff other.

The University of Lethbridge only 650 students and staffs when it first opened its doors in 1967. With the completion of University Hall in 1971, the University moved permanently to west Lethbridge with enrolment growing to over 1,200 students. The University was only chosen after fierce community debate with the Provincial Government who wanted the University to be located in east Lethbridge.

What is ULethbridge webmail?

Uleth webmail is a useful feature if you use an e-mail account that is different from a U. of L. account. Forwarding your U. of L. email account will automatically have the system redirect any Email going to your Uleth account to your current e-mail account.

All Students, Staff and Faculty at the University of Lethbridge have an e-mail account and a Network Login account for personal and shared file space and many also have Modem access. The password and some of the other features can be changed through the following pages.

You can Use this email to change your Network Login password. This is the same password that lets you access your email, network file storage, The Bridge, WebCt and most other services.

How to Register ULethbridge Account?

This is where your preparation pays off and In this guide you’ll learn how to register for your courses and make changes, if necessary. You can make sure to check the Bridge for your registration dates. The earlier you register, the greater your chances of getting the courses you want.

Log in to the Uleth Bridge

  • Step 1
    First Visit www.uleth.ca/bridge link.
  • Step 2
    Log in with your uLethbridge username and password in the field.
  • Step 3
    If you have not set up a ULethbridge username and password below:
    – Click ‘Need Help?’ option in the box on the right and select ‘I need a username’.
    – Enter your 9-digit uLethbridge ID number and birth-date.
    – Choose a uLethbridge username from a list of predetermined choices.
    – Set a new password.
    – Log in with your new uLethbridge username and password in the field.

Register for Courses

  • Step 1
    Select on the text ‘Student’ along the top of the screen.
  • Step 2
    And tap ‘Registration’ option.
  • Step 3
    Click om the ‘Select Term’.
  • Step 4
    Choose on the term you want to register for from the drop down menu.
  • Step 5
    Last click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Add Courses to your Schedule

  • Step 1
    Click Add or Drop Classes button.
  • Step 2
    Enter the five-digit CRN (course reference number) in the individual textboxes under ‘Add Classes Worksheet’.
  • Step 3
    If you do not know the CRN number you ‘Searching for Available Courses’.
    – CRN can be found in the Timetable Search online at www.uleth.ca/ross/timetable webpage.
    – The possible to add multiple courses at once or one course at a time.
    – When adding a course that requires a lab you must enter the CRN for the lecture section in one textbox and CRN for the lab or tutorial in another tex-tbox.
  • Step 4
    Click ‘Submit Changes’ option.
  • Step 5
    If successfully registered the course it will appear in your ‘Current Schedule’.
  • Step 6
    If there is a problem registering for a course it will appear under ‘Registration Add Errors‘.

Search for Available Courses

  • Step 1
    Click on the ‘Class Search’ at the bottom of the ‘Add or Drop Classes’ window.
    – This search under the ‘Registration’ menu by clicking on ‘Look Up Classes’ and then selecting the term in which you are registering.
  • Step 2
    Select at least one subject from the list.
  • Step 3
    Click ‘Course Search’, then ‘View Sections’ option next to a course to view available offerings.
  • Step 4
    You can also click on the ‘Advanced Search’ to bring up more filters. Press on the ‘Section Search’.
    – Highlight multiple subjects by using the control key when click.
    – You can narrow your search by enter a course number, start time, end time, campus or days.
  • Step 5
    Select one or more check-boxes.
    – Open sections will have an empty checkbox.
    – You must select both the lecture section.
    – Be careful to select the course offered at the uLethbridge campus that you will be attending.
  • Step 6
    Last click on the ‘Register’ option to add the class to your schedule.

Drop a Course from your Schedule

  • Step 1
    Select on the text ‘Student’ along the top of the screen.
  • Step 2
    Tap ‘Registration’, then click ‘Add or Drop Classes’.
  • Step 3
    You make sure you are in the ‘Current Schedule’ window.
  • Step 4
    Press on the drop down arrow and next to the course you wish to remove.
  • Step 5
    Choose ‘DROP’ from the list.
  • Step 6
    You can drop multiple courses in this window before submit option.
  • Step 7
    Click on the ‘Submit Changes’ option.
    – For drop/deletes to take effect, you MUST click on Submit Changes.
    – Check the schedule to ensure the changes have been processed in sure email.
    – If you wish to change the section and lab or tutorial try adding the new class before drop the original one (to reduce the risk of losing seat).
  • Step 8
    The course that requires a lab or tutorial, be sure to drop the corresponding lab or tutorial as well.

Confirm your Registration

  • Step 1
    Select on the text ‘Student’ along the top of the screen.
  • Step 2
    And press ‘Registration’, then click ‘Week at a Glance’.
  • Step 3
    Choose on the term you are registering for from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 4
    Click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Step 5
    Confirm your schedule looks correct.
    – Print a copy of your schedule to use as a reference.
    – Various timetable changes can occure after you have registered account.
    – Be sure to check your schedule before the first day of classes.

If you decide not to attend the uLethbridge, make sure to drop all courses from your schedule before the Add/Drop deadline, otherwise you will owe tuition and fees.

Log out of the Bridge

  • Step 1
    Click on the ‘EXIT’ on the top right corner of the Bridge.
  • Step 2
    Close your browser by clicking the ‘X’ in the top right corner of the browser window.

ULethbridge webmail login

ulethbridge webmail login

  • Step 1
    First Open this link webmail.uleth.ca.
  • Step 2
    You will then see two links in which you have to click on the link you want to login to.
  • Step 3
    Click here
     if you want to Sign in to webmail for students, faculty and staff.
  • Step 4
    And enter your email or phone number, then enter your password.
  • Step 5
    Last click on the ‘login’ button.
  • Step 6
    Click here
    if you want to login through Sign into webmail for alumni.
  • Step 7
    And enter your Username and password.
  • Step 8
    Last click on the ‘Sign in’ button.

As of Summer 2020, students have moved from Google G Suite to Microsoft 365. Google Drive is still available, however. The Email applications configured with your old mailbox will need to be reconfigured with your new mailbox.

For any technical support issues please contact the Solutions Centre.

Forgot reset and Change ULethbridge webmail password

All Students, Staffs and Faculty at the University of Lethbridge have an email account and a Network Login for personal and shared file space in the University. Many have modem access so the password and some other features can be changed by the following.

Forgot password

In order to provide you with your username, their some need you to provide the following information to identify yourself.

  • Step 1
    First open this webpage link.
  • Step 2
    Enter your 9-digit U of L ID in the field.
  • Step 3
    Enter the First/Given Name, Middle Name and Last/Family Name in the field.
  • Step 4
    Then last enter your Date of Birth and click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Change password

Your Network password is used for authentication when logging onto the campus network, accessing your network storage space and email account and when connecting to the network remotely. It also gives you access to the Bridge, Courseware and most other network services.

Enter your Username and Password to get a form where you can specify a new password box entering.

  • Step 1
    First open this webpage link.
  • Step 2
    Enter your username and password in the field.
  • Step 3
    And click on the ‘Get Password Form’ option.
  • Step 4
    Then submit that form.

ULethbridge IT Services – Access Standards significant Released

IT Services encourages all university users to review these documents to familiarize themselves with their content. See below for a summary of major changes.

Employees / Administrative Staff

  • Effectively, when ULethbridge employees retire, they will no longer be eligible for ’email for life.’ From the moment of expiration access of the email will be removed. An automatic message indicating receipt failure will remain active for 3 months. They strongly encourage administrative staff not to use their ulethbridge address as the primary contact email account.
  • And many free services offer competitive, secure email products and should be used instead. Personal emails are permitted in ULethbridge accounts however, extensive use is not advised.
  • A separate staff drive will be created for University business use in order to separate student data from University data.
  • Once the employment is over, the access to this drive will be removed.
  • Exception cases exist where an employee is also a currently enrolled student.


  • If not retiring in good standing, and the email access will be removed immediately. An automatic message indicating receipt failure will remain active for 3 months.
  • For those that retire in good standing, their uleth.ca email will be available for life.
  • A separate staff drive will be created for University business use.
  • Once the employment is over, the access to this drive will be removed.
  • Exception paths exist for reinstating access through department chairs, deans, and the University Provost.
  • Academic/research data will not be deleted, but this provision is only temporary until a data retention committee can identify a more permanent solution that better handles this type of information.


There are no changes to current service practices, which include:

  • Email access ends almost one year after the last registered class is completed.
  • Access to the personal drive terminates approximately one year after the last registered class.


  • After graduation, a new email address, @alumni.uleth.ca, will be assigned and enabled for life, or until a removal request has been received. Instructions will be available to help transition content between student addresses and the new alumni addresses if desired.
  • No additional services will be available for alumni other than email/Bridge access.
  • Individual access to services such as libraries will be determined in accordance with individual policies and regulations.

External Groups

  • Temporary accounts require approval from a sponsor’s supervisor, unless they are a Dean, Executive Director or a higher ranked official.
  • All temporary accounts will auto-terminate based on the usage dates provided at the time of their creation.

If there are any specific questions about these new standards, please do not hesitate to contact Kevin Vadnais, Manager, Information Security Office.

Basics about the ULethbridge Moodle Set-up

The ULethbridge Department hosts and maintains its own Moodle installations on a range of different servers to insure the privacy and security of all users and the data generated by them.

Each term creates a new Moodle installation, in which Moodle course shells will be created for all courses taught during this period, regardless of whether the instructors are intended use them or not. Students registering in specific courses will also automatically be pushed into the respective Moodle course shells, which means that you can easily keep track of student numbers as students are enrolling in your courses.

While the hardware and software installation is in the hands of the IT department, all instructor support is offered through the U of L Teaching Centre.

First Time Access

Once you have gotten a university ID, you will need to set up your BRIDGE Account in order to activate your Moodle account. Please press on that link if you have already accessed the Bridge before.

Bridge registration for Moodle is the only thing you have to do to access your Moodle course. You can log into your Moodle account with your university username and password https://moodle.uleth.ca.

How to Setup ULethbridge email on iOS and Android Device?

iOS Device

  • Step 1
    First Open your Settings application on your device.
  • Step 2
    Go to Accounts & Passwords and tap Add Account option.
  • Step 3
    Choose Exchange from the list of account type options.
  • Step 4
    Enter your @lethbridge.ca email address and provide a description (University Email) to distinguish this account from other email accounts you may have on your device.
  • Step 5
    Click on the Next and chose Sign In if prompted.
  • Step 6
    Enter your password in the password field.
  • Step 7
    And tap Next and Accept.
  • Step 8
    Turn off any features (Contacts, Calendars, etc.) that you don’t want to access on your device.
  • Step 9
    And last click on the Save button.

Android Device

  • Step 1
    First Open Android’s native email application.
  • Step 2
    If you already have another account on the device, go to the menu, then the Settings icon, and choose Add Account.
  • Step 3
    Choose the Add New Account option.
  • Step 4
    Enter your @lethbridge.ca email address and password in the provided fields and tap Sign in button.
  • Step 5
    Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync as the account type.
  • Step 6
    Under Exchange Server Settings, change Exchange Server to outlook.office365.com and tap Sign In.
  • Step 7
    Finally, click Activate option.

What do ULethbridge Mail Services Offers and Features?

Delivery Schedules and Mailing Guideline

The Mail is delivered and picked up once daily from all departments on campus in the ULethbridge Canada. Each department is required to supply two mail bags for delivery service.

Incoming Mail

All incoming mail from Canada Post is sorted and delivered to departments with the regular mail delivery service.

Outgoing Mail

All outgoing mail must be sorted in the mail bag prior to pick-up. For large mail outs please sort into the following categories:

  • Canada
  • USA
  • International
  • Government Courier (no postage required)
  • Courier (Purolator, Priority Courier, DHL Courier)
  • Aperture Park and Residence (no postage required)

All outgoing mail envelopes must have a signature section. All outgoing mail department is charged until the change is indicated. The use of bar codes guarantees all charges on that account. All courier mail must have a clearly indicated account at the top right corner of the envelope and must be received in this before fee before 1:30 p.m.

Campus Mail

Inter-campus mail must be addressed by name and department. Mail addressed by room number only does not have enough information to be processed. Campus envelopes are available at the mail service office but please return any extra envelopes to keep them in circulation.

How to Install ULethbridge Microsoft Office 365?

There are a number of tools in the Microsost Office Suite that can help you with your teaching. From content creation using Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote, to media streaming on Steam, and even offers communication tools such as Outlook and Teams.

A standard version of Office is available in the upper right corner when you login in here using your UofL credentials.

If you have any problems installing or using office products you can request help from Information Technologies at help@uleth.ca.

If you need technology assistance, or would like more information about services available, please contact the ITS Solutions Centre (Help Desk) by email, phone, or in person.

Install & Download ULethbridge App

  1. Before installing EndNote X9, and it is advisable to remove previous versions of EndNote to allow for a clean, trouble-free installation of the software.
  2. Doing so will also prevent you from using earlier versions of EndNote to edit (and possibly corrupt) any EndNote libraries you may already have created.
  3. Also before installing, make sure you close all Word processing applications and all Microsoft Office applications.
  4. When you download EndNote for your use, you will be asked to agree to the terms of the University of Lethbridge site license and to validate your relationship with the University by entering your username and password.
  5. You will be downloading a zipped (compressed) file containing an EndNote X9 software package licensed only for University of Lethbridge users.
  6. If using Internet Explorer (IE) to download the EndNote software, you may be prevented from downloading files by Internet Explorer.  In this case, click on the security bar at the top of your screen, choose “options” and choose to download the file.
  7. After installing, EndNote X9, open EndNote X9 and choose to get “EndNote Program Updates” (under the HELP option on the toolbar) so you are working with all of the available functionality of EndNote.
After downloading the zipped file
  • Double-click the zipped file.
  • Click Extract all files at the top of the window.
  • Click Extract at the bottom of the new window.
  • Double-click ENX9Inst in the window containing your extracted files.
  • You should now be able to run the installation.

Encrypt ULethbridge email messages

When you need to protect the privacy of an email message, encrypt it. Encrypting an email message in Outlook means converting it from readable plain text to scrambled cipher text. Only recipients who have a private key that matches the public key used to encrypt the message can decrypt the message. Any recipient without the corresponding private key, however, sees the indescribable text. Outlook supports two encryption options:

  • S/MIME encryption: To use S/MIME encryption, the sender and recipient must have a mail application that supports the S/MIME standard. Outlook supports the S/MIME standard
  • Microsoft 365 Message Encryption (Information Rights Management): To use Microsoft 365 Message Encryption, the sender must have Microsoft 365 Message Encryption, which is included in the Office 365 Enterprise E3 license.

ULethbridge Email, Network, Storage

ULRASA members may retain their existing U of L computer access account, at no charge and this includes access to the following services:

Email (including retention of the @uleth.ca email address).
Network access including access to the secure wireless network on campus and to the national academic EduRoam service (great for when you are visiting other university campuses.)
P-drive (or personal drive) for data storage.

If you are willing to pay the costs of storage, ULRASA members may retain access to a research data storage (i.e., R-drive or ULRESEARCH).

ULethbridge Contact Support and Email

University of Lethbridge

University of Lethbridge Calgary Campus

  • Suite 6032, 345-6th Ave SE
    (6th Floor, Bow Valley College – South Campus Building)
    Calgary, Alberta
    T2G 4V1
  • Phone: 403-571-3360 / 403-329-2490


Technical Support

Use this form when requesting technical support from one of the Drama shops lights, sound, costumes, sets, and props.

All requests for Drama technical/shop support must be submitted with this form, three working days in advance and no more than three weeks in advance.

Simply completing the form does not guarantee support will be provided. All Drama Department requests are given priority.

Completion of requests will be at the discretion of shop heads depending upon time and resource availability, on a first come first served basis. Total time allocated for all requests is limited to 1.5 hours in one week.

Employee Pension & Benefits on the ULethbridge

At the University of Lethbridge, pension & benefits differ depending of which of the employment groups your primary position is affiliated with. They organized the information, forms, documents and other information in this way for ease of access and convenience.

  • Academic Staff
    This employment group consists of both continuing Faculty and Term Faculty.
  • Administrative Professional Officers (APO)
    This employment group consists of both APO continuing and APO Term.
  • Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE)
    This employment group consists of both AUPE Continuing and AUPE Limited Term & Apprentices.
  • Executives
    This employment group consists of Associate Deans, Deans, Executive Directors and Executives.
  • Exempt Support Staff (ESS)
    This employment group consists of continuing Exempt support staff and term Exempt support staff.
  • Research Technicians & Associates
    This employment group consists of Research Technician and Research Associates.

ULethbridge pricing

Tuition and fees are assessed to student accounts on the first day of classes each term. For questions relating to tuition and fees, please contact the Cash Office on send cash.office@uleth.ca. The costs to study in the EAP program for one semester are outlined below:

  • Application Fee: $125.00
  • Tuition ($500 deposit is due at the time the EAP admissions offer is accepted): $3,923.68
  • EAP Placement Test Fee: $35.00
  • Athletics and Recreation Services Fee: $99.08
  • U-Pass (Semester long bus pass): $82.00
  • Books & Supplies (estimate only): $250.00
  • Total: $4,514.76

More Uleth pricing available CLICK HERE

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ULethbridge webmail FAQ

I forgot my login information for the Bridge and/or my student ID number! What should I do?

If you are unable to access the Bridge, please get in touch with IT Services at help@uleth.ca.

What happens to my uleth email when I graduate?

Your uleth email address will be valid for 1 year after your graduation. After that, it will expire and be discontinued. It is important that you transition your email account to another one and update your contact information before this happens.